Hi my name is Bec & I’m a chronic overdresser

At any event there is one person who looks a bit too dressed up. That person is me.

Many moons ago my mother, a lifelong stitcher, tried to teach me to sew. It didn’t stick then but in 2011 I impulse-brought a sewing machine. From then on I was hooked. Turning a 2D piece of fabric into glorious clothing based on wit, patterns and maths is magical. Sewing was my bond with my mum and grammy, our special thing. Now it’s how I remember them and all the good times.

I sew a lot of floral dresses.

#bpsewvember personal style: this is the
(seriously this isn’t even all of them)

I’m 28 years old & I live + work in Canberra, Australia. Don’t judge it by its reputation, CBR is a pretty sweet place to live.

My rabbit is named Oreo, he’s a Lop (regular sized, not mini) and lives inside with me. He enjoys naps and having the top of his head scratched.

Lol Oreo is wearing a tiny top hat! #adorbs #bunnies
Sometimes I put tiny hats on him

Chillin in the park with the bun bun
& sometimes we hang out at the park

Join us as I journey towards the perfect wardrobe and together we answer life’s greatest questions*: Can you have too many floral frocks? (me) and Can I eat that? (Oreo)

*Spoiler* the answer is no, and probably not but he’ll give it a crack anyway

Feel free to follow me on instagram (LadyxBec) or flick me an email at LadyxBec (at) hotmail (dot) com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, loving your latest dress and ditto the silver, sparkly shoes. I’m nominating you for a Liebster award. I’m just drafting my post, it’ll be up by the morning UK time for you to look over.

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