Wrapping it up

I am (still) very, very behind on blogging but obviously instead of playing catch-up, here’s the most recent dress I made! It’s the Cashmerette Appleton. I wasn’t really planning on buying the pattern but when I saw the safety pin fabric Jenny was selling alongside it I just couldn’t resist.

Tonight on the blog: my Cashmerette Appleton wrap dress. #sewing #sewcialists
(spot the bun bun!)

Wrap dresses are one of those things like pencil skirts, which everyone says look great on a curvy figure but I have never loved on myself. After making the lekala three seam skirt (another project that needs to be blogged!) and discovering that a properly fitted straight/pencil skirt looks great on me I thought the same may be true of the humble wrap. I admit while making it I had a lot of doubts. I have never sewn with a fabric as stretchy as this jersey and it was a nightmare! it moved EVERYWHERE and stretched all over the damn place. I tried it on briefly when it was half constructed and felt pretty meh, but I hate wadders and the kit was expensive so I soldiered on. When I popped on the completed dress I was truly shocked at how good it looked. I wore it out to dinner with some friends and found it super comfy and chic – so much so that I have worn it 5-6 times already and I’ve only had it two weeks!

Cashmerette Appleton

I made a few small changes to the pattern which I believe made all the difference. The amount of negative ease over the lower half concerned me and I don’t love straight skirts so I flared out the skirt grading from an 16 at the waist to a 28 at the hem. I then shaved off the hem at the side seam to be straight. I also interfaced the waist tie with a light stretch interfacing to give it a little more structure and heft.

Cashmerette Appleton

Now onto the things I DIDN’T love: to be honest the fabric is a disappointment. I was hoping it would be a suitably fun dress for casual Fridays but the fabric is much too casual-looking. The print is very cute, but it’s one of those fabrics that shows white when stretched which is a personal pet peeve. It is also showing some faint signs of pilling already. Most of these issues were not apparent until it was washed (on gentle in cold water as is my norm). I do tend to favour more “fancy” and higher-quality fabrics because I think they both look and wear better but I’ve been known to use a quilting cotton from Spotlight so I don’t think my standards are over the top high.

That said I really like the dress and think it’s great for weekend wear. I already made a second one for my pregnant sister, who loves the way it sits over the bump and is super-adjustable for her post-baby body. She has a much smaller bust, but the excess fabric doesn’t look saggy or untidy and it will be a great dress for breastfeeding. For myself, I would love to make a version in some luxe silk jersey!

Until next time

7 thoughts on “Wrapping it up

  1. Love the dress! The pattern is on my list, but I feel pretty meh about that negative hip ease, too. I think I definitely need to grade out those hips like you did. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    Sucks that the fabric is not great. 😦

  2. This looks fabulous on you! I hope you don’t mind if snag your modification to the skirt! I agree it clings quite snugly to the rear end as drafted. Too bad the fabric is on the sheer side. I went up a size in the top to help with that.

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