A (very) late very Merry Christmas!

Why hello there!

Merry Christmas! This year's Christmas Dress is @simplicity_creative_group S2444 in a crafting cotton from @lincraft #sewcialists #sewing

I did mean to post this earlier, but was quite distracted by the holiday season, which in joyous news included my grandmother’s 90th birthday, in less joyous, our first Christmas without my mother.

I got some sweet goodies, including a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff from SS and some adorable fashion illustrations from my half sister, K.

But you’re here for the sewing, yes? This year I decided it would be fun to make a Christmas dress for both the big day and any other Christmas-ey events. I used the old faithful Simplicity 2444, this time with a FBA! I think it turned out ok, but there is room for improvement – the area directly under my bust is now too loose by far. I’m not sure why this ALWAYS happens so badly with FBAs. It leave with S shaped princess seams and darts that look insane.


Speaking of darts, they were also a solid inch too long. I have decided that I must have a low bust or something as this is a fairly consistent problem.


I used the facing for the neckline, but some purchased bias binding for the armholes. As a twice a year dress I think it’s just fine. Bonus, it was not too hot in the QLD heat!

Until next time.

9 thoughts on “A (very) late very Merry Christmas!

  1. This is the epitome of Christmas frocks!!! Poinsettia AND fit and flare 😀 Hat’s off to your FBA work- I’m still gathering the courage to try it on a darted bodice… One day!

    • Thanks! You should defs get on the FBA bandwagon! I never knew how lovely it is to not have my, ugh, “lady lumps” squished into submission – it’s so freeing to have room!

  2. That is a GORGEOUS dress! And I can’t see any problems with the darts at all. I’d offer to help with the darts but I’m not even close to an expert on FBA’s (haven’t ever needed one, sigh)

  3. I LOVE this dress! I wonder what it says about me that I consider that a very subtle fabric for a christmas dress? Hmmm.

    I think the darts look fine too, although I know for me it’s the kind of thing where I feel it sits strange rather than see it. I have a similar problem, as well as having the lower bust issue – now I’m wondering if they’re related? Like the shape of regular princess seams is not right for me? I know my FBAs always come out looking so so weird.

    I’m sorry about your mum – anniversaries and shared times without people are hard. ❤ Hope your grandma sees a bunch more with you, though!

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