Challenging Sewing

After several years of watching other bloggers participate in sewing competitions and challenges and a year of sewing regularly but still not participating, I made it one of my goals of 2014 to participate in a few challenges. If nothing else, I figured it would help up my sewing productivity.

My last post talked about the Mad Men 3 challenges (go look at the pretty dresses!). So now lets check out what’s next: Sew Dolly Clackett!

I am super pumped for this, because I pretty much stalk Roisin’s blog. In a way that I feel is a little bit creepy. But COME ON. Someone that totally indulges their cray cray fabric habit! Yes! It’s like all of the insane (in the best possible way) dresses I want to make in one place. Plus, let’s be real: I have pretty much ripped of her dresses before and now I have total permission to do so. Yes!

So I am making Simplicity 2444 (aka the pattern I make all the time) in this:


It’s kind of inspired by the meta dress. Because who doesn’t love some meta action? My fabric is a little different and I’m using a different pattern, but I think you can work out where I got the idea from… The comp ends on 23 April, so I really need to get my sewing on. I actually had planned to finish the dress this weekend, but for some unknown reason when I tried on the bodice it was hella too tight. So then I tried on the last dress I made from S2444 and it fit fine. So I don’t know if that was super-bad cutting or what. In the end I just cut the back bodice again (luckily I had some extra fabric!) and slightly bigger – I spent a really. long. time. making sure the pleats would align with the darts on the front so I wasn’t keen to play with that. If the skirt back ends up being too short my current plan is to just make the pleats smaller of something. Cos that’s how I roll. #lazysewing4life


Moving on, I also decided to do sew for victory. I’m using Butterick 5846 which a bit like Vogue 8615 is a modern pattern that seems convinced it’s vintage. Seriously, ignore the fugly styling and look at those lines. To me it’s very 1940s.

My fabric is a navy floral, pictured below. I was in Spotlight for AGES looking for the right fabric – I wanted something navy-based with a small-scale floral. The flowers on this are a little larger than my preference but it’s pretty close to what I had pictured.


In closing shout out to my awesome friend T, who with some assistance from yours truly completed her first dress on the weekend. Welcome to sewing T!

Until next time!

One thought on “Challenging Sewing

  1. Hi thanks for following my blog. So I came to yous, as you do , and we are doing the same challenges! I’m in the middle of my dolly clackett dress, have lined up my sew for victory, but also doing gerties sew along! Will we make it!

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