Mad Style A Betty inspired Floral Frock

So I was kind of inspired by Betty, in the sense that I wanted something “Betty-like”, but not in the sense that I had something specific in mind. Mainly because I left it too late to get an appropriate fabric.

Me made May: the 9th in a floral Butterick frock #mmmay14 #butterick #sewing #floral

I did however have general inspiration: I wanted a super girlie pink floral frock, along the lines of the “Betty Barbie” dress, but with different colours and minus the sash:

As previously discussed, this is Butterick 5748 using some of the floral cotton twill I purchased at Mood during my holiday in the US. I didn’t actually have enough fabric, according to the pattern envelope but as usual the good folk at Butterick vastly overestimated the yardage required. I trimmed the skirt length a little, as I knew it would be far too long to further conserve fabric.


The only other changes I made were moving the zip to the back – since there’s a seam there anyways and I hate underarm zips. Surely it’s not just me that struggles with them? This floral is not directional, so I cut the bodice front on sideways stretch and a size down, and the back on no stretch. Somehow the bodice ended up loose at the top of the back, so I shaved out the excess. To get rid of the gape at the top of the front of the bodice I inserted a little pleat. I also took the shoulder seams up by about an inch and re-shaped the dipped back bodice to be a little more flattering on me.


Instead of using a lining, I finished the neck, armholes and waistseam with bias binding and the side and skirt seams with seambinding for a clean finish. I hung the skirt for about 4 days on and off to settle the bias before I hemmed. I used the machine to hem as I was running out of time, and to be honest, a bit sick of hand sewing! Because the hem is so long I ran out of pins and had to start using hair clips.


All in all I am very happy. I don’t really know how much wear I’m going to get out of this frock – it’s so very pink! But it is pretty cute and I’m proud of myself for not cutting corners during the making. Plus the whole thing is machine washable! Score!


Until next time!

PS apologies for the not-so-great pictures. By the time I’d finished hemming it was dark outside and the lighting in my house is not amazing.


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