Mad Men Madness

So recently Julia Bobbin launched her Mad Men 3 challenge. I intended to make something for the first two and thengot lazy ran out of time. This time, however I was determined! Until I went on a three-week jaunt though America and realised I had all of 14 days to get it together and sew something. Luckily, while I was in New York I hit up Mood Fabrics after spending literally years drooling over their website. I did quite a lot of damage to the old credit card in Mood (then more when I had to ship my purchases home due to lack of suitcase space!). In fact, I got so much fabric at mood that I decided to skip other fabric stores. A decision that I hopefully won’t regret!

Although I didn’t think to search for Mad Men specific fabrics while in Mood, I did pick up one that immediately struck me as ideal for my planned flock – this pretty pink floral cotton twill.

pink floral
(fabric image from Mood)

Isn’t it pretty? originally, I had planned to make it up in By Hand London’s new pattern Flora, despite the fact that I don’t actually own it and the Mad Men deadline is fast approaching. Nevertheless, I ordered a copy of Flora and sat back to wait. And then I thought about it more, and wondered why (as usual) I hadn’t bothered to look through my pattern stash before buying a new one. Upon a quick look though said stash, I remembered Butterick 5748 the perfect choice for a quick timeline as I’ve sewn it before, for SS, but never for me. Plus it has a circle skirt and while my fabric is printed it’s not so directional it would look odd as a circle. Plus it has an adorable dipped back neckline.

Now to stop writing and start sewing!

Until next time!


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