Cupcake Care Package

So one day a few months ago while I was spending the weekend with SS she asked me to sew her a dress. After some thought I agreed, and together we decided on Butterick 5748. It’s a pretty cute dress and one I had my eye on for myself so I was pretty keen. After emailing through TONS of fabric options, SS settled on “Quaint Cupcakes” by Michael Miller. Not gonna lie, I was a little sad because *I* wanted a dress with it! The sacrifices I make!

(with petticoat)

So I had SS send though her measurements. Unlike me, she is close to a completely standard fit so it didn’t matter that she’s not close enough for me to do a fitting (well hopefully!). 5748 has a circle skirt, something I didn’t realise when SS picked it, and because the cupcakes are printed in rows, rather than scattered I opted to swap it for a gathered skirt. I know some people don’t mind it, but watching a print go from up-and-down to side-to-side bothers me a little. I also cut the bodice back on the fold, because with a side zip why would you want to disturb the print?


Because it was a dress for someone else, I put a lot more effort in than usual. I understitched the lining around the neckline, something I’ve never tried before (it was harder and messier than I had anticipated!) and used bias binding on the armholes and waist seam. It closes with a side lapped zip, which I’m pretty pleased with as it’s probably my best so far.

Without petticoat

SS was looking for a longer dress that she could wear with her petticoat, so I left the skirt unlined. This was also because the seam was already a little bulky & I didn’t want to make it worse!

All in all, although it’s not perfect I’m very pleased with how the dress turned out. The bodice is very cute with its dipped back and I’m particularly keen to try a version with a centre lapped back zip and embellishments.

Back view

Yes, these photos were taken in my sewing area. One day when I get a new machine I might take some photos to show you how it looks and how I manage without a sewing room to take over as it’s pretty cool how I can pack it away to look neat & tidy.

Until next time!


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