I like giant skirts and I cannot lie

So once upon a time this skirt was a dress. I was pretty found of it, it was (yet another) Simplicity 2444 aka the most beloved of all dress patterns.


There were problems however. The fabric around the zip on the bodice frayed – possibly because I made the seam allowance too small. The bodice was tight – I don’t know why, my other 2444’s fit perfectly. The waist seam wasn’t straight.

So on Monday I decided to cut the bodice off and turn it into a skirt. It was, I have to say an excellent decision on my part. As a skirt I love it. So do other people actually, it gathered 3 compliments at work.


I think this was a bit of a lesson in paying attention to recommended fabrics for me. Part of the reason it didn’t work well as a dress what that the skirt fabric (a heavy flannel-type wool from Spotlight) was too weighty for the bodice fabric. It also made the pleats a little hard to manage.


All in all, I like it much better as a skirt. It has all the things I love best: fitted waist, knee-length, giant skirt (even better with a petticoat!), I’m even considering lining it! I also have a bunch of the fabric left, which I had considered turning into a blazer/jacket/coat. Something to think about for winter…

Skirt: Me-made | Blouse: Alannah Hill | Belt: Portmans | Shoes: Ziera

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “I like giant skirts and I cannot lie

  1. Fab post title – it made me smile ear-to-ear, especially since it’s sentiment that certainly rings true for me as well. I love big, full, and/or long skirts, too. Great job on revamping that dress into a skirt. It’s such a classic, wonderfully versatile piece now.

    Have a beautiful week!
    ♥ Jessica

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