Military Miss

This dress is a little bit inspired by the famous green dress Joan wore in Mad Men. But then I realised that it actually doesn’t look much like that dress – aside from the length and raised neckline. I had originally planned on adding a collar tie, and in fact cut one out. But The I couldn’t work out how to make it look cute and kind of gave up. So now I have a random strip of fabric hanging around. Go team lazy?


I’ve now managed to convince myself it has a slightly retro military style to it. Let’s be real, this is mostly because of the colour, because the rest of it is not really vintage-style at all.

But look: giant shoulders! (instead of gathering I did a pleat in the shoulder)


Victory Rolls!

(honestly I have no idea why my face looks so strange here…)
(did I manage to distract you?)

I once again scraped this together with only two yards. Which fills me with joy at not wasting money OR fabric! This particular fabric is a Marc Jacobs cotton/silk blend and possibly the most dreamy thing I have ever sewn with (yes, including Liberty lawns!). It does, however, crease like a bitch. Which is why I kind of look like I slept in it in these pics. Rest assured it fits better than that creasing would have you believe sitting in an office all day working hard for the man will do that to a dress! Nevertheless, I love the slight sheen and the feel of it. At first I loved the colour, then I was doubtful and now I am back to love.


It’s another simplicity 1913, with slightly better fit than the last one! This time I raised the waist by about 1.5 inches and the shoulders by about 1. To get rid of the gape at the neckline, when cutting I placed the pattern pice at a slight angle, instead of right along the crease so the top was about 1/2 an inch smaller, down to nothing at the bust. While this was a lazy quick and dirty solution, it worked really well! I also added back on two inches to the hem that I took out last time.

I skipped the invisible zip as I have decided they are evil. Instead I did a hand-picked one, using an old tutorial from Threads. It worked really well and I think it not only looks better, but it feels much stronger/more secure.

(I may have a bit too much “junk in the trunk” happening here. Perhaps I need to do a big butt adjustment? lol)


I think this is the rare dress that looks better sans belt:


Dress: Simplicity 1913, made by me | Belt: Portmans | Shoes: Top End

Until next time!


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