Fun with Fabrics!

Ever since I purchased the Liberty fabric I used for the Floral Fan dress, I have been obsessed with buying new fabrics. More importantly, I am into buying quality fabrics. The first few things I made I used quite cheap fabric that has not lasted well. In fact, when I cleaned out my sewing area a few weeks ago I threw out the first two dresses I made as they both needed some serious repairs and I decided I couldn’t be bothered. Instead of feeling bad about this, I’ve decided to embrace the freedom that sewing things I want to, not need to brings.

But this post is supposed to be about fabric, so let me show you my newest pretties and tell you what they’ll be.

First up is this Michael Miller cotton, called “quaint cupcakes”
This pretty is destined to be a dress for my sister, SS, in Butterick 5748. She picked the fabric and pattern. I’m hoping there’s enough left over to make a little skirt or something for me!

Next we have the amazing “home sewing is easy” fabric by Alexander Henry. I am so in love with this cartoon print! I plan to make it in By hand London’s Anna dress.


I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these fabrics – I think they’re both quilting-type cottons, but while I find they have a lot of body, they’re not too stiff. My pre-washing softened them up nicely into the kind of fabric that will give a nice stick-out-ey (that’s a technical term!) skirt, but not be too uncomfortable for the bodice. Plus the prints are amazing! I have discovered a whole new world of awesome 🙂

Lastly is some boring practicle cottons for work skirts – one in grey and another in super-dark navy. The navy looks much darker in person. I haven’t chosen a pattern for these yet, I want something with a fitted-high waistband with some kind of pleated skirt. If I can’t find a good skirt pattern, I am considering using the skirt of Simplicity 2444 and just adding a waistband.

Until next time!


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