A feather in my [pillbox] Cap

Two posts so close together must be a unprecedented effort on my part. Nevertheless, I have a new dress to share. Horray!

In other good news, the more dresses I make the less lazy better I get! There is something so satisfying about not only making your own clothes, but making them look lovely inside and out. As you can probably tell I am super happy with the internal finishing of this frock. I made a red-hot effort to do it nicely and I feel it was really worth it!

The pattern is Simplicity 1913, which sadly appears to be out-of-print but as I brought mine only a few weeks ago thanks to the terribleness of my local Lincraft they still had it laying about you might be lucky enough to track it down! I do think it’s a real shame that this one is OOP, the pattern is easy to whip up, and as with all the Project Runway numbers, has a ton of fun options to customise with. Once I got over my sadness about used to the not-as-flared-as-expected skirt, I found it fairly cute and flattering. So much so that I have already made another dress using it.

I used a vintage cotton floral, apparently sateen (although I think maybe there is linen involved?) from Etsy for this. I am more than a little in love with the fabric, having never met an insane floral I didn’t love a fondness for floral prints.

A few weeks before the fabric, I had purchased the hat from Modcloth (which is still available!), thinking it might match well with a different dress of mine, but as soon as I saw hat and this fabric together I knew they would be a much better match.

I made very few alterations – I took about 3 inches off the bottom as is my standard (a mistake as it took a lot of the flare out of the skirt) and raised the shoulders by about an inch. I am pleased with the fit, however the next dress I made with this pattern is better fitting. I’ll share that version, and it’s alternations in due course!

I wore this pairing on the day of the Melbourne Cup to work, like so:
This is by far the best “invisible” zip I have ever done!
I made a real effort to keep the inside neat and tidy

Hat & coat: Modcloth | Shoes: I love Billy | Dress: By me!

Until next time!


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