Birthday Madness Part 2: Canberra turns 100!

Well hello there internet!

As promised and surprisingly close to my last post: what I wore to my birthday lunch, and some centenary festivities!

So first up lunch outfit pictures
(I feel like my garden looks really pretty in these, so I didn’t really edit them)

I feel particularly Alice in wonderland in this one


what are giant poofy skirts for if not twirling?

I feel like the exposed zipper stops it being TOO twee

As those of you that live in Canberra (otherwise known as the friends that I forced to subscribe ae totally interested in my wardrobe) will know, this year Canberra turns 100!. I realise that to people from pretty much everywhere places that are a lot older are unimpressed by this, but you know, any excuse for an event! (and there have been so many)

SO, enlightened is an annual event, where a bunch of the national institutions get lit up, people go look, it’s all pretty cool. This year it was even better there were acrobats! bars! strange hairdressers! massive games on snake projected onto buildings! did I mention the bars

My friend SS and I hit it up, the National Library had a pretty cool Jazz bar thing going on. ALSO scrabble cushions and fun book tower things! Of course we needed pictures (apologies in advance. SS took these on her iPhone so they’re not the most amazing quality)

of course I was going to spell out my name

Wine! Stacks of books!
Dress: Cue | Petticoat & Cardigan (inadvertently worn inside out): eBay | Shoes Kmart (not recommended) | Belt: Portmans

ALSO: Strangely while wandering around looking at buildings, I would swear a woman took several pictures of me and the giant skirt, so if you see them somewhere on the internet, do let me know.

Until next time!


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