Birthday Madness Part One: I turn 26

So this is a little late, but I thought I’d share some of my outfits and adventures from my birthday celebrations. This year I turned 26 (goodbye early mid 20s!), meanwhile Canberra, the place I never expected to like yet somehow fell in love with is this year. A post on some of my centenary adventures will follow shortly (I have been lazy and not edited the photos yet!)

I celebrated my actual birthday with cocktails, canapes and of course cake! The always delightful Playground Martini and Tapas Bar hosted our group.

A few (terrible) mirror-pics of what I wore
& bonus sneaky bunny pic!
Dress: ASOS (worn with petticoat from eBay) | Belt: Forever New | Shoes: Sketchers (I actually wore different shoes out, but changed them when I got home)

Sorry I was too lazy busy to pick the stuff up off the floor, I didn’t even notice it totally look at my pictures before posting them. Sometimes.

The Saturday after my birthday, as is our tradition, S, C and I went to lunch at the wonderful , which I cannot recommend enough, as always it was lovely. Here’s a peak of what I ordered:
(strawberry gazpacho)
(chocolate delice)

As I said above, I haven’t edited the pics of my outfit yet, but when I post them you’ll discover that I made petticoats something of a theme!

I’m planning to edit the rest of the photos I’ve taken sometime this week, so shall hopefully have another post for you every soon.



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