Getting Crafty With It – DIY Glitter Heels

So a few weeks ago, my friend N, and her boyfriend R came to visit for a weekend of fun and frivolity. N brought with her the most gorgeous pair of glitter covered ballet flats. After convincing her to lend them to me for a night I was sold. But after searching the shops for weeks, I couldn’t find any glitter shoes that matched the vision in my head – so I decided to make my own! I did a quick google search and read some posts from other bloggers on the creation of their glitter shoes (Pixie in Pumps, Trinkets in bloom, and Heather Says) for inspiration. To be honest, I went about it quite differently to them (as you’ll see below).

Thoroughly inspired, I headed to my local art & craft store for supplies. I saw glitter Mod Podge and decided to save myself some work by just using that – but be warned, it is not as glittery as you will want for this project – I used probably 4-5 fairly thick coats, and you still get a lot of show-through.

You will need:
• Shoes to glitterfy – I used an old pair of cream fabric heels that were so stained they were unwearable.
• Mod podge
• Glitter
• Tape
• Paintbrush/s

Before (you can’t see the stains in this photo, but believe me they’re there!):


Drying, you can start to see the glitter coming through:

To be honest, I was a bit disorganised in this – I actually didn’t bother to tape the sides of my shoes where I didn’t want glitter, and although I brought two paintbrushes, I didn’t end up using the small one. I just went for it and brushed on a thick layer of mod podge. As it began to dry, I could see it wasn’t enough, so I kept building it up until I had the level of sparkle I was after – it probably would have been easier to go buy more glitter to add, but I couldn’t be bothered, so just used A LOT of mod podge.

Diy glitter shoes
[I was going to put up some modeling pics, but I have only worn them once so far & forgot to take pictures!]

This was a super fun DIY! The supplies cost me about $30 and the shoes I already owned, so it was pretty cheap too – I have a fair amount of mod podge left, and if you made your own glitter mix using normal mod podge you would have even more leftover (it is also quite a bit cheaper than the glitter one I used). I also like getting to “recycle” a pair of shoes that otherwise would probably have been binned. I will definitely do this again, and maybe even try a solid colour sometime!

Have you glittered shoes before? Did you have as much fun with it as me?

*I do have to add that the first time I wore these, I got some little cracks where my shoe bends – honestly I’m fairly certain that the one reason this happened is because I used SO MANY coats of mod podge, so it was too thick. I really recomend adding glitter to your mod podge to avoid this issue 🙂

Until next time,

PS I am picking up my laptop (still not fixed, but working with a monitor connected) this weekend, so I should be able to get back into regular posting soon.


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