What I wore – the debut of my new hair

Long time readers (if there are any that don’t know me in “real life”) may have noticed that I change my hair a lot. I’ve had the ends pink, been chalked, done the cut, and now I’m a little different yet again. Most of the change is because I’m working my way to the hair I want – slowly. Today you get to see another step. My hair is a little shorter at the back, and the A-line is getting more prounced. I’ve also had it re-highlighed and gotten some rose gold (as I’m calling it!) lowlights around my face.
I could not be happier with the result! (if you live in Canberra and want amazing hair, I could not recomend Kaylee at La Bimbi enough)

On to the photos! Thanks to my housemate A for taking some of these. No thanks to my other housemates, B and D for getting ih the way!

A little detail of the bow on the front of my skirt:


I’m not sure why my hair has such a yellow tone in these pictures – I think there’s something wrong with the contrast, but I’m not quite sure how to fix it!

Blouse: David Lawrence | Skirt: Mossimo | Cardi: Alannah Hill | Tights: Voodoo | Shoes: Ziera

Until next time!


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