She Sews! The Sister Cape

So as I mentioned a while back, I’m sewing a cape for my sister for her birthday (which was back in April, but Life Got In The Way).

We picked out this lovely pale mauve/lilac coating fabric, and a matching silky liner from Spotlight last time I visited, and I set about making something she’d adore. I used the Audrey Cape as a basis, but modified as I went along. I took out some of the fullness (the Audrey is pretty much a circle skirt worn around the neck!), did away with any and all pocket like details entirely and went for it.

I had planned on testing out my embroidery skills by embroidering some bows along the lower hem, but time was not on my side. In the end I settled for the pretty ribbon tie.

I started off with my two fabrics. I have no idea what either of them are, the lining is a silky fabric with a lot of stretch (the stretch was a Bad Idea, I do not recommend it!) and a matching coating for the outer. Both of these are synthetic, which I realised when I tried to press them and they melted! The ribbon tie is just standard fabric ribbon.

So to begin, I drafted out a circle skirt style shape, but with a much smaller “waist”:

Draft it out for your lining as well, then cut both pieces, making sure they match, and pin together, right sides of fabric facing each other

At this point, I put the cape on and discovered it had Way Too Much fullness. On a little girl, it looks sweet, but on an adult it’s just strange. So I cut out a bunch of fabric until I felt like it sat right, ending up with something much closer to a 3/4 circle skirt.

When you’re happy with the fit, sew both sides and the bottom of the cape together, leaving the top open. Flip right way out and press (of, if you discover like I did that your fabric will melt; use a pressing cloth, steamer or something heavy).

Now it’s time for the collar! Draft out your collar – I went for a peter pan style:
Cut two, and sew together along the sides and bottom (right sides facing each other). Flip right way out and press. Attach the collar to the cape however you prefer – after trying to use instructions to attach collars a million times, I came up with my own method (which may even be what I was supposed to do all along!). I lay the collar against the inside of the cape, and sewed though all the layers:

This will give a smooth edge when seen from the outside, because the internal cape and the collar are sewn neatly. I then flipped the collar out so it was sitting how it would when worm. Next I pinned my fabric ribbon over the raw edges and hand stitched it in place along both sides. This covers the messiness of the raw edge, and also gives you the ribbon tie. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this part.

… and that’s all! Here’s the finished product on my steamer:
And here’s the Sister modelling it:
(doesn’t she look cute!)
I hope you enjoyed reading about the Sister Cape, let me know if you have any questions 


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