Minty Fresh

I am having a green moment tight now. It started out with the This Feminine Lady skirt and then the matching blazer. Then the minty top. I also have a whole bunch of green things on my pinterest wishlist maybe it’s because I’m back to my red roots (or strawberry blonde to be technical), or maybe it’s the impending spring (which despite the ongoing frost in the air I am convinced is on its way). Whatever it is, it inspired this outfit!


Just chillin’ in my kitchen

I love the little sparkles on the colour in combination with the polka dots a pastel shade

Why yes, I do have a rather large ladder in my tights

Ruffles, polka dots, green and pink; all of my favourite things!

Skirt, blouse, and headband: Alannah Hill
Cardigan: SES
Tights: Razzamatazz
Shoes: Ziera

Are you as excited for spring as I am?


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