Same dress, new style

Hello again darling readers.

I didn’t actually wear the same dress two days in a row, and nor did I intend to post them in a row here at Bows&Bunnies. But it’s the order the photos came up in my Flickr cue, and I decided to take it as a sign. This is the same dress I wore in my last post, but styled really quite differently. I hear a lot of people say that the trouble with dresses is that they’re too hard to style week after week, so you end up wearing the exact same thing over and over. I disagree completely! With a little effort, creativity and a working knowledge of the colour wheel, you can make a dress look unrecognisable from one day to the next.

Last time I went with a more nautical look – more navy and a touch of red to give it some pop. I finished it off with tights that grounded down to my shoes, while sill tying into the red in my cardi. This time I went with pale pink, which is more of a contrast, and I think particularly pretty with navy. Because I wore the cardi unbuttoned (as I generally do, particularly with those that are longer in the waist) I wore a belt to emphasise the shape of the dress.


Again with the twirling!


Headband detail:

Dress: Friends of Couture
Cardigan: SES
Tights: Myer (can’t remember brand, sorry)
Headband: Alannah Hill
Shoes: Diana Ferrari

And now, a moment with Oreo:

I hope this helped show the versatility of dresses. Do you like dresses? Or do you find them too much work to restyle?

Until next time!


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