Red, Navy and lots of bows!

Hello readers, I must apologise once again for the delay in posting. My laptop is still out of commission, so I have once again borrowed one from a housemate (thanks B!) to upload the 50 thousand (give or take) photos I have taken lately. I got the headband, tights and cardi a few weeks back, when some dear friends, N and R were visiting for a weekend. N was quite the bad influence on me when we went shopping, but I simply couldn’t resist the darling tights, or cardi, or headband!

I do like how the cardi sits right on my natural waist, which I find makes it look a lot better with the high-waisted dresses I favour.

Dress: Friends of Couture
Cardi, headband and tights: Alannah Hill
Shoes: Ziera

This dress is outstanding for twirling!


Headband detail, I love how it’s sparkley, but not too gaudy or OTT for day wear

The tights are a black base, with tiny sliver glitter spots and red glitter bows

Sorry it’s been so short – luckily I have quite the backlog of outfits to post right now, so I should hopefully be able to get back into the swing of things. I still have the long-awaited sister cape to show you, and a cute new DIY shoe project is also coming soon.

Until next time


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