Weekend Adventures – introducing my speedy & some fitting room reviews

Hello readers and randoms!

I thought I’d share some snaps from the weekend – taken on my phone, I’m afraid so not amazing quality. First up, my newest love – my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Azure! I have been looking forward to getting this bag for over 12 months, so the moment was very exciting! It joins my Chanel PST in my (very) small designer bag collection!
Here she is:
(photo edited in Instagram)

Here’s some (bad) shots of what I wore:
LV shopping
Cardian and top: both SES
Skirt: Alannah Hill
Tights: Voodoo from Myer
Shoes: Ziera
Ring and earrings: Prouds
Handbag: Chanel

While we were in Sydney, S, C and I did a little shopping as well.
I didn’t get anything else, but I tried a few things on:
This Cue skirt is cute beyond words. It is on my sale wish list 🙂

This is the dress form of the skirt – I much prefer the skirt, I think this makes me look a little washed out

Another Cue skirt. The orange/peach colour of this is very unexpected, but quite pretty and I did like the bow. I already have several fairly similar skirts though, so I would probably only get this on major sale.

Dotti navy sequin dress. This baby is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I found it probably an inch too short though. Since trying this on I’ve been considering sewing my own sequin dress – they are very “in” right now, but I don’t want to spend that much money on something that i wouldn’t get that much wear out of.

I tried all of the Cue stuff in a 12, and the Dotti dress in medium. As a warning, I think the Cue skirts were sized a little smaller than normal – they were both pretty tight around my waist compared to other shirts I own from Cue. I was say the dress was a more standard 12 – it fit pretty much perfectly.

So that was my weekend! Has anyone sewn with sequins before? How did you find it?


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