The “Do I know you Skirt” & Adventures at Playground Tapas and Martini Bar

I am going to refer to this as the do I know you skirt from now on, as when I wore it the Saturday night before last, I had three different people ask me if they knew me from somewhere. As I didn’t recognise any of them, I can only conclude that my clone is running about somewhere. Or, they have somehow stumbled upon this blog and then forgotten, in which case, hello, please leave a comment!

I was actually really hesitant about wearing this skirt – it’s pretty tight, and to be totally honest I have put on a fair bit of weight over the last few years, including since buying this skirt. Although I love its bronze sheen and the pretty bow on its self fabric belt I haven’t worn it in ages. Because I was worried that it made me look “hippy” or fat. Or unattractive in some other way. But Saturday night I couldn’t resist its charms, and after pairing it with a basic black top, opaque tights and my Dotti coat I decided I had a winner on my hands. I wore flat shoes, as it my habit although I feel like this outfit is really crying out for some black heeled booties (I don’t own any, so that was out of the question). A cute white bow (made by my sister, SS) in my hair, a slick of lippie and some flicked eyeliner and I was ready to go.

I meet my friend S (of the excellent ability to fix broken html code), at Canberra’s newest nightspot, Playhouse Martini and Tapas bar. As soon as I arrived I was in love. The place is utterly adorable, and despite my complete aversion to anything that is not a “real” martini (gin, not vodka, stirred with vermouth and served with either lemon or olives) I found myself enjoying several (too many!) delicious cocktails (I refuse to call a cocktail in a martini glass a martini) from their menu. The Earl Gray was a definite favourite, just enough of the tea flavour to be delicious and refreshing, but not so much it overpowered. We also sampled a good chunk of the tapas menu, I particularly enjoyed the fried haloumi and beetroot tartlets, which were not quite as beetroot-ey as expected, but still delicious.

Seriously, these tartlets were a.m.a.z.i.n.g.IMAG0188

The icing on my personal cake of tapas and cocktail joy was our desert – crème brûlée. We had originally ordered Churros with chocolate and caramel but unfortunately they ran out before ours arrived. The management, however was amazing, and so apologetic that they came by to check on us several times, and gave us the crème brûlée on the house. I’m very sad to say that I was too excited to take a picture – but let me tell you it was amazing.

After more than three hours, it was finally time to leave and meet up with some friends for dancing and general shenanigans, but I can say with certainty that I will be back for more (in fact, since drafting this post I have been back twice)!
I wore this sweet hair bow, which was the party favour at my sister’s wedding earlier this year in my hair.

I wore the excellent $40 Dotti coat again.

Even Oreo likes the skirt

Close up of the awesome fabric and bow detail.
***Full disclosure: I wore this outfit as pictured, but ended up recreating it later for the pictures and then wearing it out to trivia with some work friends.

Also, my laptop is still broken (sadly) I did this post with a combo of housemate and work computers, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep doing that. So if posts are not as frequent over the next few weeks, that’s why!


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