Stylespirations: Stores Worth Stalking (cheap thrills edition) – Dotti

Dotti is one of my most loved bargain hunting places. Luckily for me, they have a store at my local DFO, which I always make sure to stop by when I go there (generally, I must admit on my way to Alannah Hill!). Over the last few years, Dotti has really improved the style of its clothes, and although the quality can sometimes be a little hit-and-miss I’ve had no major misses in the last two years or so.

There isn’t much “professional” wear at Dotti, or much in the way of “evening” dresses that I would go for (generally much too tight and too short for my liking!) but there is a lot of really cute, slightly more casual day wear. Pretty shift and A-line dresses in nice colours and prints abound, and at the DFO outlet, these are often $40 or less. Dotti also has a lot of nice winter pieces – pretty coats in blended fabrics for a more affordable option, and nice scarves and headwear.

Here are a few things I’ve been coveting lately

Source: via Bec on Pinterest

Sadly this dress sold out before I could snap one up on sale, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest

This post has been in draft form for so long that I have since picked up this coat for an absolute steal, and already featured it several times here on Bows&Bunnies.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest

I like this basic top – I find them really great to pair with my more out-there skirts, or layer under strappy dresses in winter. Yellow is such a hot colour right now too.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest

This is one of the (relatively) few pieces from Dotti I would wear to work – I love colour-blocking and this back and white combo is classic without being boring. The bow and almost cape-like quality to the upper bodice adds interest without being too crazy.

I’ve taken some great outfit shots lately, but unfortunately my laptop screen is broken right now so I can’t share them with you. I’ll try and borrow a computer to edit and upload them asap!

Till next time!


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