haul post – what I got and why I love it :)

Hello readers! I hope winter (or summer, if you are in the northern hemisphere) is treating you well thus far.I’ve seen a few other blogs do “haul posts” and thought I’d give one a shot. I am not much of a buy-and-returner, so I tend to stalk things for quite a while before I decide to put down my cold hard cash.

This is what I’ve picked up lately in the beauty & fashion world.

Source: dotti.com.au via Bec on Pinterest

This has already made two appearances on Bows & Bunnies (in my stylespirations – Dotti post, which I drafted long before I got the coat, and a few days ago in a what I wore post). For $40 this was a steal – it is cute and warm, and the fact that the faux fur collar is removable just makes it more versatile.

Source: shop.alannahhill.com.au via Bec on Pinterest

This is the Alannah Hill This Feminine Lady skirt, which I stalked for ages and eventually brought the second it went on sale (still available here for $200). I actually have this in black and green, but pinterest can only seem to find the blush colour. The green is much more fun in my books. There is a matching blazer that I got my local store to order in my size, so if I end up getting that too, I’ll update you
:) .


The Alannah Hill Soft Lips blouse – I also stalked this for a very long time, and in the end went for this soft dusky pink over the pale sage green colour it also came in. I picked this baby up on sale for I think about $40, and if the green is still available, I might end up with that one too.
The red top is for target and I absolutely adore it! From the bold red to the gorgeous bow on the front, it was screaming my name when I can across it completely by accident. I got this for about $15, I think on sale, which was even better!

Voodo totally opaque 120D tights. I have them in navy, grey and black right now and have been trying to find red and chocolate.
This tights from Voodoo are my absolute favourite coloured opaque. They’re a bit pricier than some at $15-20, but absolutely worth it, in my opinion. They are a lovely solid colour, don’t run or snag and hold their shape super well. I am trying to track them down in the brown and red shades right now, without much luck.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Finland.
This is without a doubt the best TM I have ever used. It’s pretty expensive, at about $65 but the colour is perfect for me and gives noticeable coverage without being heavy or fake looking. Plus it has good sun protection. This is my go-to daily face product, I usually wear either pressed or mineral powder over the top and it lasts almost the whole day (I do tend to blot at least once, and touch up if I am going somewhere after work). It has a nice lemoney smell, hasn’t given me any breakouts and is just all round lovely.

EL pressed powder
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup.
This is another splurge for me, but I am loving it so far. It’s pretty full coverage for a non-mineral powder and on me stays matte a lot better than any other powder I’ve used (assorted drugstore pressed and loose powders, mineral powders from 3-4 different brands, benefit etc). I like it better than my minerals because it is pressed and therefore way more portable (I have pretty much been sulking ever since everyday minerals discontinued my HG pressed mineral powder).

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin Illuminator.
I got this cute little sample as a freebe with my pressed powder, but I don’t think I would bother buying it. It has a nice scent and a lovely subtle shimmer, but I really don’t feel like it’s added anything to my routine apart from an extra step. It’s supposed to help fade discolorations and give you a luminous glow, but as far as I can tell, the glow comes from the shimmer in the product, not anything it’s doing for your skin. It hasn’t been super-long though, so I will use the whole sample and see if maybe I just need to use it for longer. It hasn’t given me any breakouts though, and has a really nice smooth matte feel.

Paula’s Choice BHA liquid 2%
I LOVE this. I got a sample a while back of each of the different BHA formulas and this was my instant fave. I like how I don’t need to bother with a moisturiser and my skin has never felt so soft. I did notice a huge improvement in the texture of my skin really quickly, and it’s a great moisturiser on its own. Plus in the two weeks or so I’ve been using it I have noticed that my discolourations and acne scarring have started to fade a bit, and some breakouts are healing faster and fading away.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eye shadow Nude Pallet
I really like shimmery eye shadows and wear neutral shades most days for work so as soon as I saw this I knew I want it. I already have the shimmer strips pencil eyeliners for brown eyes, and really like them so I was sure I’d like these too. All of the colours are very soft and shimmery, but the darker ones are definitely buildable. I don’t often wear really bold, dark eye shadows so I really like the soft, pretty look these give. If you’re looking for bold colours, however this is not for you. As you can see from my swatch above, most of the colours are very sheer, soft and shimmery.

This fabric is to make my sister a cape for her birthday. I am using this tutorial as a starting point, and fitting it to myself as I go. I also have some matching fabric in some kind of silky-satiny fabric for lining. I’ll post some picks when I’m done!

So that’s what I’ve brought over the last month or so! I thought I might make these a monthly feature, both so I can track my buying, and so people can see how I am building my wardrobe.

What have you picked up lately?


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