Stylespirations: Stores Worth Stalking (cheap thrills edition) – Forever New

I don’t tend to shop at “cheaper” stores much these days – nothing against chain fashion, I simply prefer to save my pennies and invest in quality pieces that will last longer. There are, however a few places that are my go-to’s for cheap thrills, and Forever New is #1 on the list! It’s not super cheap – most tops will run you $40+, and dresses are often $80+, but the sales are often good and I’ve found all my pieces to be really good quality so far.

Forever New also sells a lot of styles that appeal to me – there’s a lot of girlie touches like bows, as well as polka dots, stripes and floral patterns. The accessories are also particularly cute and often quite a steal, I particularly like their tights. Plus they have an online store that I can stalk to my hearts’ content! A few things I’ve been eying off lately:

Source: Uploaded by user via Bec on Pinterest

As you can see I’m having a bit of a navy moment. Also bows, always the bows :). I’m also looking our for some new cardigans – a lot of mine are a longer, hip length cute which can look a little out of proportion with 50s and 60s style high waisted skirts and dresses. If you see any leave a comment and let me know!
I should have another outfit post coming in the next day or so, assuming my latop decides to cooperate, as well as a haul post with some recent buys.

Until then remember – when in doubt wear sequins!


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