She Sews! Pattern Madness

I thought I’d have another post about sewing, since it’s something that occupies a lot of my thoughts (if not actions). Like a lot of other sewers, the main attractions of making my own clothes are having pieces that are unique, quality, a fit well. This is particularly relevant for my work wardrobe, where my body type and style inclinations often lead me down an unwise path. By sewing my own clothes, I can ensure that my wardrobe is functional and practical, but still demonstrates my individuality and personal style.

Recently Spotlight had a 50% off patterns sale, so I snapped up a bunch. Patterns are a weakness of mine, I don’t have an ongoing fabric stash, I buy that as needed for individual projects but patterns are an entirely different story!

I have a lot of issues finding tops for work that look professional, fit properly and are cute. I think that Burda [pattern#] may be the answer to this problem! It has a slightly looser fit, ideal for the office, but enough cute features to not be boring. I also like that it’s a shorter cut lengthwise, as it will mean that I can leave it untucked over a pencil skirt without it looking odd. It’s a look I grew to love via Pan Am, but modern cute blouses are too long and often feature a curved bottom hem which makes this look odd.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest

Speaking of pencil skirts an Pan Am, I also picked up the simplicity amazing fit pencil skirt. From some online research, I have discovered that this pattern doesn’t do a good job of explaining which version you should cut, or of say if there is an actual difference in the size of the finished garment – as in, if I sew the very curvy version, will it allow for a greater hip-to-waist ratio. I plan on making this up in some cheap quilting cotton I got for $3/m that I didn’t end up needing to use.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest

I got another amazing fit pattern, this time for a nice basic shift style dress. If this looks good I can see it quickly becoming a mainstay of my wardrobe. By adding a cute collar, different belts, or altering the sleeves slightly this one could make a lot of great dresses!

Finally I got a wardrobe pattern:

I realise that this isn’t very cute in the pictures – but looking at the line drawing, the problem is the styling, not the patterns themselves. A bit like my old friend Butterick 5315, I am sure this is a hidden gem of the pattern world. A group of nice basics, that will, as designed be a good wardrobe builder.

*EDIT* I have just realised that there is something horrible wrong about the coding in this post (as it appears on my laptop at least), so please ignore any oddities, I am working on fixing them ASAP!


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