She’s Alive!

I’m terribly sorry for the long break between updates. But I have some super-exciting news, and an excuse (for what it’s worth).
1. I started my new job on 16 March, it’s a promotion and a new area for me, so that was super exciting/terrifying. Wrapping up my old role after three years was both very sad and exciting, as well as time consuming.
2. My dear sister got married, I was a bridesmaid and that also took time (and was equally exciting)
3. One of my dear friends from high school has her engagement party.
4. I turned 25.
5. One of my lovely housemates, T moved out, and an old friend from Newcastle, D is about to move in.

All in all March and the start of April has been frantic, but as I settle into my new role I hope to be able to update with more consistency.

Moving on, here is what I wore my second last day at my old job:
Sunglasses in the sun


I don’t know why I look so unhappy here!

Close-up of belt/dress

Dress: Alannah Hill “Style me up Pet!” frock.
Belt: Portmans.
Tights: Myer, I can’t remember what brand.
Shoes: Ziera.
Sunglasses: Cotton On.

I’m planning another instalment of my new Stylespirations series, which should be up Tuesday. I am going to try for two posts a week, one outfit of the day, and one relating to other aspects of style and dress. Of course life could get in the way again, but I plan on using this weekend to at least draft a few more posts đŸ™‚

Happy Easter everyone, until next time xx


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