Stylespirations – Store worth stalking (Alannah Hill)

Hi friends,
Welcome to a new multi-part series on my Style Inspirations – aka Stylespirations. The series will focus on some of my favourite stores, favourite blogs, and characters I am inspired by from film and television. I hope you enjoy reading about my inspirations!
Regular readers (assuming I have any) may have noticed that I tend to default to the same few stores for most of my clothing. This is a few reasons firstly; I understand my size and the way the store cuts their clothes to fit (and find it flattering on my body!), secondly I like the clothes themselves; they fit my personal style and work well with the rest of my wardrobe and lastly; the price is right!
The first store I’m going to talk about is my favourite place to shop, Alannah Hill. Alannah Hill started her self-named label in 1996 and has been designing her own special type of girlish chic ever since. Over the three years I have lived in Canberra, I have spent so much time at the Alannah Hill store that a lot of the girls that work there recognise me, and comment if I haven’t been in for a while (often because I am on a “buying ban”). The girls at both the DFO and David Jones stores are all utterly lovely. I cannot count the number of times they have helped me find just the perfect thing, and the few times I have had an issue with a purchase they have been perfectly sweet about it 🙂
Alannah Hill
In short, I love Alannah Hill. Her clothes are perfectly girlie, and always feature sweet touches such as fun lining, sequins, bows and the funnest names.

Here are a few pieces I’m currently lusting over:

Source: via Bec on Pinterest
I adore this coat, I’ve been lusting after it for a while, waiting for it to go on sale, and right now it is super affordable for $130. I already have one wool blend Alannh Hill coat, in shades of pink and grey so this would be a nice contrast to that. Plus living in Canberra a girl can never have to many warm coats!

Source: via Bec on Pinterest
I don’t own any capes or caplets, but I think this would make a fun first buy! It’s out of my price range for something with such limited use, but if this baby goes on sale I would really consider snapping it up. I could see it working as shoulder cover for many of my cocktail and evening dresses, and a fun way to include a little more personality and carefree cuteness into my wardrobe.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest
This cardi is the sweetest thing ever. I love pink, and the little hearts just make this so special. Plus it’s wool, so would be nice and cosy in winter. It might be a little over the top, but I think it could easily be taken down a notch worn with jeans, or even for work with a simple black or grey shift dress. Or, you could go the other way and wear it with your girliest 50s dress for a fun girls afternoon outfit.

Source: via Bec on Pinterest
This top has so many of my favourite things: the colour combination of pink and navy, polka dots, a peter pan collar, puffed sleeves. I think it is perfection. This little baby is not on sale, but you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye out for it to go down in price a little.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed our foray into the fabulous world of Alannah Hill
(PS thanks to my lovely friend Steph for helping me fix the html in this entry :))


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