She Sews! Butterick 4790 aka “The Walkaway Dress”

The walkway dress has an almost mythic quality among the online sewing world and it tends to polarise.  Some, like me love it.  Others hate it.  Personally, being a fan of 50s style dresses in general there was no way I wouldn’t try it out at some point.  Luckily I love the finished product.

I used an adorable blue check with cherries printed on and white embroidery from Spotlight.  I think it was around $10/m from memory. I did a lot of research before starting the dress, to try and avoid some of the issues it has – although I am lucky in that I have the correct proportions for the dress naturally (aka, big on the top and the bottom, noticeably smaller in the middle!).  The most helpful resource was the Elderweiss Patterns Blog, which hosted a sew-along for the project some time back. The only major adjustment I mad to the pattern was taking my usual 3-4 inches off, as I don’t like below the knee skirts. The finished product is adorable, although not without flaws. Luckily you cannot see the poor job I did of the front fastening below the belt 🙂

Two different outings:



Dress: made myself, things to make it from all from Spotlight
Pink Belt: Alannah Hill
Red Belt: Dangerfield
Red Shoes: Hush Puppies
Black Shoes: Ziera
Car: My own 🙂Fiat 500

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend 🙂


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