Lady in Grey (or, the one where I try new poses)

One of my friends mentioned to me that she was surprised by how sad I look in all my outfit shots.  I think it’s because I feel a little awkward taking them, I’m not that comfortable posing in front of a camera, and a lot of the more “fun” looking poses I try just look stupid.  Nevertheles, I am making a real effort to smile, and experiment a bit more.  I hope you like it!

No, I don’t know what I’m trying to do here either.

We’re communicating using telepathy.

Easily bribed as ever.

Dress: Cue

Shirt: Valley Girl

Belt: Alannah Hill

Shoes: Ziera

Tights: No idea

Jewellery: Gifted

Bunny: Mine

Before I go I have some very exciting news that I hope to be able to share next time I post!  Until then stay colour coordinated! xx


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